“Really inspiring and I’m totally left wanting more!”
Rizwaan A.

“Great guidance for office, the boardroom, and the stage!”
Sarrah A.

“Improboost is providing a really unique service that’s totally worth it because it’s a fun way to make one’s self a stronger professional and more marketable.”
Ashley J.

“I just finished my 4 week class and thought it was fantastic and well worth the money and time commitment.  James Mitchell is an excellent teacher of improv and fuses the elements of public speaking well into the improv portion.  We all had many great laughs and great lessons.  I have to say that after one or two improv sessions, I really became comfortable with an audience and became very aware of my demeanor and how I present myself.  The best part was that most of the group were strangers and we left having made friends!”
Nafessa K.


Boost your professional performance through applied improvisational comedy