About Improboost

Improboost teaches applied improvisational comedy – the non-theatrical version of improv as a tool to boost organizational performance.  How?  By strengthening employees’ creativity, team cohesion, and confidence in public speaking.

Improboost was launched in 2012 by James, an attorney and advocate in Washington, DC.

For several years, James lobbied Congress on Capitol Hill and had over 240 face-to-face meetings with high level Congressmen, agency officials, and their staff.  Stressful, di ba?   However, seemingly unrelated night classes in improvisational comedy soon spilled over into other areas of his life, and he experienced greater confidence, quicker ability to think on his feet, and improved communication skills in his day job.

After zeroing in on the specific tools that worked and cutting out the rest, James crafted an organization-oriented approach to teaching improvisational comedy for those who want to perform better in the “stage” of their workplace – not in a theater.  After running several successful workshops at businesses, civil society organizations, and universities in the Washington, DC metro area, James relocated his business to Metro Manila.

If you are an employee or employer looking to improve team cohesion and performance in your workplace, please contact James to discuss a customized workshop that suits your needs!

Boost your professional performance through applied improvisational comedy